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Hydro Foam Cleanser

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Mild foam cleanser provides abundant water and nutrients of natural ingredients, maintaining healthy and wet skin without tightness even after cleansing. With minimum irritation, it helps maintain moist skin, removing completely wastes and makeup remains.
It easily removes horny substance stained with honey, deep-cleansing neatly wastes in the pore causing skin
Use of natural ingredients minimizes skin irritation. It can be used for sensitive and frequently troubled skin. 



[Key Ingredients]

· Honey - moisturizing effect, skin soothing
· Arnica Montana(Arnica) Flower Extract - skin turnover
· Belamcanda chinensis(Blackberry-lily) extract - moisturizing effect
· Achillea millefolium(Yarrow) extract - pore tightening
· Artemisia Vulgaris(Mugwort ) Extract - improve skin tone



[Volume] 200ml / 500ml 



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Hydro Foam Cleanser