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Hyaluronic Serum

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    High efficiency moisturizing serum containing abundant hyaluronic acid helps maintain moisture-rich skin,
    enhancing skin flexibility and elasticity.
    Hyaluromic acid is a major constituent of the skin in the body. One molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts over
    200 water molecules, instantly swells up over 30 times, adheres to skin cells one another, and acts to enhance
    skin flexibility and elasticity. As ageing, hyaluronic acid production capability is gradually reducing to have the
    skin rough and dry. Then, the use of hyaluronic acid makes tight skin.



    [Key Ingredients]

    · Sodium Hyaluronate(Hyaluronic Acid) - moisturizing effect
    · Beta-glucan - skin suppression, skin protection
    · Belamcanda Chinensis Root(Blackberry-lily) Extract - anti-inflammatory, anti-acne 



    [Volume] 30ml / 100ml 


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Hyaluronic Serum