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Vitamin C + Serum

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Nano scaled Vitamin C reduces pigmentation marks and freckles, and leaves the skin smooth and supple.
Hyaluronic acid which serves as a connective tissue organizer and water-holding substance provides powerful hydrating attributes to the skin.
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), obtained from citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables, is a water soluble vitamin and naturally occurring antioxidant. It is critical for your body and plays an important role in maintaining healthy, resilient skin tissue. While young skin is full of vitamin C, aging skin tissue naturally loses this nutrient over time.  


Vitamin C+ serum is the one you can fight back by replenishing your epidermis’s vitamin C levels to help to combat and even reverse time’s effect on your face. 



[Key Ingredients]


· Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate(Vitamin C) - whitening, anti-oxidant effect
· Sodium Hyaluronate(Hyaluronic Acid) - moisturizing effect, elasticity improvement
· Betaine - moisturizing effect
· Camellia Sinensis Leaf(Green tea) Extract - moisturizing effect, anti-oxidant effect



[Volume]  20ml / 100ml 


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Vitamin C - Serum