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CU: Vitamin U Essence

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[Enhanced anti-wrinkle function]

Contains Vitamin U, Botox effect derivatives tri-peptide and adenosine ingredient in high concentration and is designed to deliver in the skin without irritation These ingredients are the main substance of the skin to help give the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin in skin and improve skin’s elasticity and wrinkles excellently. 


[Natural skin moisturizing and skin texture trim]

Hyaluronic acid with powerful moisture retention and polysaccharide derivatives which is natural polysaccharides and ceramide ingredient are adsorbed between skin cells with natural botanical hydrolyzed protein and provide resilience deep into the skin and help always maintain moist and smooth skin texture by making natural skin moisturizing film.


[Skin nourishment supply]

Contains amino acids which is an essential protein nutrition ingredient to the skin and help skin cells healthy to keep resilience by acting various vitamins, enzyme and minerals etc. effectively. 


[Vitamin U]
Vitamin U has an excellent skin detoxification effect. It’s an anti-peptic factor and has been called vitamin U since the existence of the factor for treating peptic ulcer in the fresh cabbage juice was known. Also, it has been known to be effective for treating cancer in addition to its effectiveness in treating ulcer.  


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CU_ Vitamin U Essence

CU_ Vitamin U Essence