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Atomide Cream

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Special care cream for intensive and careful care for atopic skin, when exposed to irritation or allergy. As a low irritation moisturizer to make wet and soft skin by forming moisture film on skin, the product provides good effect on rough and sensitive skin caused by weak skin barrier.

It is effective in atopic skin dermatitis or chronic eczema due to skin barrier defects causing water loss in epidermis. It prevents effectively symptoms of atopic eczema and psoriasis, suitable for nutrition, protection, and production for normal or dry skin. Besides, it is suitable for sensitive skin cell membrane.

It can be used for the face and whole body.


[Key Ingredients]

- Glyceryl glucosides: Glyceryl glucoside, also known as “GG,” is a natural moisturizing component that promotes the protein activity of aquaporins, which are the water channels in the skin, and effectively carries them deep into the skin to increase the skin’s water retention ability.

- Ceramides: Skin lipid structure components with excellent skin affinity and enhanced protective and moisturizing persistency by forming a skin shield

- Hydrogenated lecithin: Natural phospholipids from vegetables

- Shea butter: Natural vegetable butter with high moisture that is extracted from the karité tree fruits


* Recommended to people who has

- Very dry and dry skin

- Sensitive skin

- Atopic skin

- For those who want to improve their rough skin texture and maintain their skin’s moisture


[Volume] 80ml

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Atomide Cream