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CU: Nature GG Serum

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Ultra-moisturizing serum for long-lasting hydration and revitalization




1. GG moisture booster: For skin as moist and resilient as a soaked sponge.
Our booster quickly delivers deeply penetrating hydration, so that rough skin becomes as moist as a soaked sponge, enhancing the skin’s ability to absorb the beneficial ingredients of any subsequently used products.
2. Moisture keeping serum: Lock in long-lasting hydration.
This serum prevents the evaporation of the moisture that has been replenished within your skin and enhances moisture retention to maintain the long-lasting hydration effects all day, without any unpleasant stickiness. 

3. Indulge in the non-irritant, mild benefits of all-natural ingredients.
Our products are entirely free of any ingredients that can be harmful to the skin and contains natural moisturizing factors and Vitamin U, which delivers powerful hydration that is gentle and mild enough for even the most sensitive skin.
4. Enjoy the versatility of our multi-moisture serum.
This daily moisture serum can be used as a moisture booster immediately after washing your face, or used as a moisture amplifier prior to applying a modeling pack.


[Key Ingredients]

· Glyceryl Glucoside – Supplies skin hydration
· Hyaluronic acid – Boosts moisture retention
· Beta-glucan – Moisturizes skin
· EGF – Enhances skin resilience
· Vitamin U – Nourishes skin and facilitates turnover


[Volume] 30ml

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CU- Nature GG Serum