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CU: Vitamin U Essence Soothing Mask

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100% natural cellulose sheet mask restores UV-damaged skin with Vitamin U 




Rich vitamin U contained in the 100% natural cellulose sheet tightly adheres to the skin and regains healthiness of UV-damaged skin.

It’s a high quality soothing mask sheet in which GUAIAZULENE, the substance having outstanding soothing effect, recovers the tired skin from direct sunlight and external irritations and anti-inflammatory action of vitamin U keeps the skin healthy.


[Key Ingrediets] 

·Vitamin U; for skin turnover and skin texture care and providing skin elasticity

·GUAIAZULENE; for soothing and turnover care

·Hyaluronic acid; skin moisturizing care

·Aloe Vera leaf extract; skin moisturizing care, skin soothing and protection

·Portulaca Oleracea extract; skin soothing care, brightening care, trouble care

[Volume] 25g


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CU- Vitamin U Essence Soothing Mask

CU- Vitamin U Essence Soothing Mask